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Kelley Law Office offers legal representation for a variety of legal matters. 

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We offer legal representation for a variety of legal matters.

Our services include: Real estate, Business / Corporate Law, Family Law, Immigration, Wills and Estates, Power of Attorneys, Affidavits, Notarization & many more.

Our team of lawyers will work with you to secure a desirable outcome for your business or personal affairs. We take pride in offering professional legal advice with cost-efficient motivation. This ensures that our clients are both happy and satisfied with our services.

Our Areas of Expertise include the following:

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Practice Areas

Our Areas of Expertise include the following.

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Real Estate Law

Residential Purchases and Sales, Commercial Purchases and Sales, Drafting Private Agreements of Purchase and Sale, Assignment Purchases and Sales, Draft and Review of Agreements...

Business Law

Ontario and Federal Incorporations, Business Asset Purchases and Sales, Business Share Purchases and Sales, Franchise Purchase and Sale, Medical Practice, Commercial Lease Drafting...


Residential Refinance, & Private Mortgage Lending and Borrowing, Private Mortgage Administration and Servicing, Syndicated Mortgages, Commercial Refinance...

Wills and Estates

Individual and Spousal Last Will and Testament, General and Specific Powers of Attorney, Power of Attorney for Personal Care, Living Wills, Corporate/Business Wills, Multiple...

Civil Litigation

Superior Court of Justice Plaintiff and Defendant representation, Ontario Small Claims Court Plaintiff and Defendant representation, Construction Lien, Mortgage Enforcement, Demand Letters..

Family Law

Simple and Joint Divorce Applications, Marriage Contracts, “Pre-nuptial” Agreements, Separation Agreements, Parenting Plans, Domestic Contracts, Co-habitation Agreements, Foreign Divorce..

Immigration Law

Temporary Resident Visa Applications, Super Visa, Work Permits, Student Visa, Spousal Open Work Permit, Skilled Worker Express Entry, Permanent Residency Permits, OINP, PNP, Spousal..


Affidavits, Notarization, Certified True Copies, Child Travel Consent Letter, RIN Letter, Invitation Letters, Powers of Attorney, Gift Deeds,

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